BPA Free Water Cooler Bottles

BPA Free Water Bottles

Cameron Water now provides bottles for our water coolers which are completely BPA free. As if that wasn’t enough, they are recyclable too!
Having this option available means that you can can choose the safer, eco-friendly option for your water cooler, with no fuss.

Cameron Water Coolers have developed a BPA free, recyclable plastic bottle. No need to order a water refill when you get a new bottle every time.

Let’s find out why…

These days, we rely on plastic items from the moment we wake up until we go to bed. From the packaging of food that we eat, to the material that our phones are made of, using plastic every day certainly makes life easier for us. We are conscious of the effect that it can have on the environment, but when it comes to our bodies, how much do we really know?

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What is BPA?

BPA can be found in a number of different plastic items. It is an essential component in polycarbonate, which is the hard, clear  plastic you’ll recognise from every day items. Polycarbonate is often used to make water bottles, baby bottles and food storage containers. It can also be found in items that you wouldn’t expect, such as lining in tin cans and dental sealants.

In September 2015, the French Constitutional Council overturned the ban on the use of BPA in food containers destined for the export market. The sale and import of the substance remains prohibited in France itself. In July 2011, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared feeding products for babies and infants that contain BPA should be banned.

What are the effects of BPA?

An increasing amount of chemical research is being done on the chemical bisphenol-a (BPA). The jury is out and because of the uncertainty we think it’s sensible to err on the safe side and reduce the risk (if any) to zero.

recyclable bpa free water bottle

Recyclable BPA free water bottle

free delivery and collection

Free delivery and collection

within legal lifting limits

Within legal lifting limits

less leaky water bottles

Less leaky water bottles

Order Online

We can offer you a few options to buy your 15 Litre water bottles. You can purchase online on this page or you can use this form to order your BPA Free Bottles online and arrange your delivery. We will contact you to organise payment.

Please place your order before 3pm on the day prior to your delivery day. If you’re not sure when this is, you can contact a member of our customer services team who will be happy to advise you.

Order Your Bottled or Plumbed-in Water System

We offer a range of ways for you to order water to make the process is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

  • One of our customer service team can give a call on a weekly or fortnightly basis to check your requirements so you don’t need to call us.
  • We offer an auto-order service where our drivers can deliver a set amount to you every week or fortnight.
  • Alternatively, you can place an order … by phone 01698 845050 by fax 0333 323 0183
  • or by email customerservices@cameronwater.co.uk

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