Water Coolers for Schools

Getting students to drink more water at schools and other places of education has many benefits including improved wellbeing, better behaviour, and improved academic performance.

One of the best ways to encourage children to drink water is through the provision of water coolers. These present water as a delicious, good-tasting, calorie-free and tooth-kind product which is always available to them at no cost.

Cameron Water are the experts when it comes to installing and maintaining water coolers in schools. Serving all major councils in Scotland, Cameron Water has many years of experience in liaising with schools to providing staff and students with fresh clean drinking water.

Regularly audited by the British Water Cooler Association, you can be confident that Cameron Water can deliver the highest standards in quality, safety, and hygiene. This is especially important when it comes to educational establishments which are considered as special cases which require even higher standards of service, hygiene, and equipment.

BWCA_Guidelines for the use & servicing of bottled water and mains-fed water coolers in schools

Cameron Water supply and install a range of robust, high capacity and vandal-resistant coolers, along with maintenance and service packages to suit your needs. We can also maintain your existing coolers to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. For a no obligation quote or for more information, please call our sales team on 0800 2985584 or send us a message

Our Features

Customer Support

UK Based call centres, with no automated answer system. Our friendly, experienced staff will answer every call.

No Contract Rentals

Cameron water offers a cheap and convenient way for you to rent bottled water coolers, plumbed in or mains fed water coolers, and hot water boilers.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cameron Water carry out regular sanitisation and maintenance visits to keep your water cooler in top condition

Free Delivery

We deliver our range of bottled water coolers and dispensers, mains fed water coolers to your home, office or school. We deliver our Natural Mineral Water straight to your water cooler on a weekly basis.

100% Recyclable and BPA-free bottles

Did you know we are one of only two companies in the UK with our own bottle-blowing plant to produce 100% recyclable and BPA-free bottles used to ship our bottled water?

Plumbing In

Cameron Water are the experts when it comes to installing plumbed in water coolers, fountains, under-sink chillers, and hot water boilers.