Bottled Water Coolers

Our range of free standing bottled water coolers only require 1sq foot of standing room whilst our desktop water dispenser can fit into even the tightest of spaces. This makes them the ideal bottled water coolers for home or office.

Bottled Water Coolers and water dispenser

Cameron Water is one of the largest suppliers of water coolers and water dispensers in the UK. Our water is supplied by Kingshill Natural Mineral Water  and is one of the most refreshing, purest sources of Scottish Mineral Water. We supply bottled water coolers for home and the office.

Cameron Water can deliver and install a range of state of the art bottled water coolers. Renting a water cooler from Cameron Water is a hassle-free way to keep your home or office hydrated.

We will call weekly to keep you topped up with water and cups, and keep your water cooler in top condition by sanitising it to the highest BWCA standards four times a year.

Our Acquadrato Bottled Water Cooler is one of our best sellers. Why not ask for a free trial of this water dispenser.