Under Sink water chillers

If you are short of space in your home or office kitchen but want chilled and filtered water on tap? Our Under-sink water filtration chillers are the ideal solution for you.

Under-sink water chillers and filter units

Is your kitchen short of the space needed for a water cooler?

Try one of our Under Sink Water Chillers

Cameron are leading providers of under sink chillers in the United Kingdom. Whether it be for a office or home kitchen which is short of space, or an integrated chiller unit with it’s own tap for your restaurant or catering facility, we have the right under sink chiller and filter for you and Water cooler dispensers for your home.

They are a cost effective and environmentally friendly and once installed under your sink giving you better quality and better tasting water, on tap.

The Iceberg (Undersink Water Cooler) is one of our most popular models.